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  • It's all in the materials...

    While visiting artisans around the world, what I have loved the most is seeing their workshops where they use time honored techniques and natural materials. It is about touching, smelling and handling the materials that come together to make the pieces that my clients will have in their homes. It is about experiencing the history of each piece and meeting the hands that give it life.



    x - Stefany

  • Destination: Peru

  • My love affair with Otomi embroidery

    Maria Perez, one of our amazing artisans who helps keep the tradition of hand embroidery alive.

    My love for the embroidered Otomi textiles began when I was a little girl. On my many visits to Mexico as a child, my mother would buy a few pieces and decorate our home with them. I loved the colors and the whimsical animal designs. Flash forward twenty five years to New York City when I opened a little home furnishing shop and the otomis were the first products that I sold.


    Left: Costantino (my store in Meat Packing District, NYC circa 2006) Center: Cookie Magazine, 2006 Right: Domino Magazine 2006                                         

    I've since discovered the meaning behind the designs, the wonderful people that hand embroider them, and the labor-intensive construction that nearly brought them to extinction.

    The artisans that make our wonderful pieces live high in the Sierra Madre mountains in the state of Hidalgo. Both men and women draw and embroider the textiles. Unfortunately, in the past many young people who might have taken up their traditional artwork were drawn to larger cities more interested in modern techniques and professions. The length of time to make one piece seemed oppressive. Thankfully the resurgence of interest in the otomi textiles has kept many artisans working and inspired a new generation.

    We have worked with many designers and individual clients who have incorporated the otomi embroideries into their interiors. Due to that demand, we have a large network of artisans who make our otomis in an array of colors and sizes that span beyond what we have on this site. Custom sizes and colors (upwards of 30 shades) can be special ordered. Please contact us! And visit our selection here and here.

  • Meet the artisan: Grace Lovelace

    grace lovelace

    When we first met Grace Lovelace of Del Jardin Design a few years ago we knew that we would someday work together. We found her at her ranch in the outskirts of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico sipping tequila while she was waiting for the cochineal dyed threads to dry and the simmering pot of jasmine to be done. From here she creates something for all the senses. She does it all from raising goats to manning five looms, making cheese, soaps, lotions, pillows, scarfs, lamps and more. Using natural dyes and oils she has developed a lifestyle line that is both natural and luxurious. Selling in boutiques in San Miguel and exporting items to the United States, Del Jardin has developed a loyal customer base. Her products reflect her dedication to preserving slow living. Her ranch reflects that as well. See her collection of Del Jardin Pillows here.

    natural dyed fabricyarnsloom
  • Meet the artisan! Katarina Gonzalez

    Meet the artisan! Katarina Gonzalez


    Katarina has been making her beautiful textiles on the backstrap loom since she was in her teens. She lives in a small town outside of Oaxaca, Mexico and commutes everyday to sell her works of art in the market. She loves what she does and takes great pleasure in seeing people appreciate it as well. See Katarina's work at

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