• What inspires Rocio Gonzalez? We sit down with the Argentinean designer and find out her design secrets!

    Jacarandahome: What is your design inspiration in making your bags?

    RocioG: When I start a new collection i usually day dream for at least 2 months or 3 ...

    Something that I see ( colors, texture, can be a person, a place) turns the switch "ON" in me.This  idea can stay  in the back of my head for some time and slowly i start building it up.




    JH: What items do you carry in your bag?

    RG: Hair brush, wallet, cosmetic bag, BOSE headphones for running, a sharpie, a little notebook to sketch when needed, measuring tape, sunblock, sunglasses (my daughter's and mine).




    JH: What are your five favorite things to do in Santa Barbara?

    RG: Padaro Beach every afternoon

    Going to Polo on Sundays ( Santa Barbara Polo club in Carpinteria )

    Riding with kids at the barns.

    Strolling through UPSTAIRS at Pierre Lafond

    Going for a run in the beach




    JH: How does being Argentinean influence your work?

    RG: I think that Argentina has always been very "organic" without even trying.

    Leather, cowhides, pampas , meat is very home.

    I think that I mix a little bit of this with a little bit of my second home  (Santa Barbara ) boho, hippie and indian.....

    i like to blend.


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