I wrote about my lovely clients on an instagram post a couple weeks ago. Go see that here https://www.instagram.com/p/BmBuFm5Ao98/?taken-by=jacarandahomeofficial

    Short version is they are a wonderful artistic family who loves otomi embroidery!

    Here is my Q&A with Shirin

    Jacaranda Home: You and your husband, Na'im, purchased an Otomi fabric from us several years ago.  Can you explain what it has meant to you? How it has fit in to your homes? And why you have come back to us to purchase another piece?

    Shirin Sahba: We were immediately gripped by its graphic quality, beautiful vivid colors & it immediately brightened our home. We tend to choose large pieces for decorating our small homes over the years as they make a smaller room to feel larger & airier.  We came back for another piece as we wanted one to be in our kids room (we are expecting a new baby) & one for our bedroom, it gives both rooms a wow factor!

    JH: What draws you to the otomi embroidery?


    SS: We love supporting & collecting all types of indigenous art from around the world in general, especially ones that tell a story & stir ones imagination. We travel around the world a lot so having representations of what we think is beautiful from all different cultures around the world suits our principals & personalities. 


    JH: You are both artists. How do the designs fit in with your aesthetic?


    SS: As a painter I use a lot of patterns & prints as inspiration to create new ones in my work, so I find that it fits perfectly into our home. Na'im has an extremely graphic quality to his work too so it suits his style perfectly.



    JH: You have several painting with the iconic otomi designs in them. What do the patterns represent to you? How long does it typically take you to make one of your Otomi inspired paintings?


    SS: I've done at least three paintings now inspired by them, & for me they are so visually pleasing & fantastical in their story-telling. I have always been fascinated by textiles from around the world & frequently study them to get ideas for my work. Its amazing how textiles can be an intersection of cultures & how it can bring your family, village or loved ones together. It typically takes me 2 - 3 weeks to complete a detailed painting with that type of pattern.  

    JH: I would love to see Naim’s representation of the otomi designs. Has he ever drawn them? We may need to commission some pieces from him!


    SS: Can't say that he has, he generally draws people & places straight out of his wild imagination...But he really appreciates & loves them. 


    JH: You recently published a book with the collection of your work. Where can people buy your book and prints?

    SS: You can get my prints on my online shop at my website: www.shirinsahba.com, along with info about my original paintings. My book "New Horizons: The Art of Wandering" is sold via Amazon, Barnes & Nobles or Chronicle Books. It's also in numerous shops like Anthropologie & museum gift shops all over America (even The Getty Museum)! Also Google tells me that my book is being sold at bookshops around the world if you are living abroad.  


    JH: What is next? Design inspirations?

    SS: We continue to create & travel to gather inspiration! We are expecting a baby soon so we are taking things as they come. I have been approached by interior & fashion designers to do collabs so I am thinking & hoping to do some fun projects soon! 

    Go follow them both on Instagram for their beautiful art and design from Barcelona, Spain! @naimonpaper @shirinsahbaart

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