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  • Meet the artisan! Katarina Gonzalez

    Meet the artisan! Katarina Gonzalez


    Katarina has been making her beautiful textiles on the backstrap loom since she was in her teens. She lives in a small town outside of Oaxaca, Mexico and commutes everyday to sell her works of art in the market. She loves what she does and takes great pleasure in seeing people appreciate it as well. See Katarina's work at

  • A peek inside my RocioG Pouch!

    A peek inside my RocioG Pouch!


    These are some of my essentials: Laura Mercier compact, Fresh lip gloss, Kate Spade Readers, Zone bars, Passport, IPHONE (with animal case for my son :)), color thread chart. What are the essentials in your favorite bag?

  • What inspires Rocio Gonzalez? We sit down with the Argentinean designer and find out her design secrets!

    Jacarandahome: What is your design inspiration in making your bags?

    RocioG: When I start a new collection i usually day dream for at least 2 months or 3 ...

    Something that I see ( colors, texture, can be a person, a place) turns the switch "ON" in me.This  idea can stay  in the back of my head for some time and slowly i start building it up.




    JH: What items do you carry in your bag?

    RG: Hair brush, wallet, cosmetic bag, BOSE headphones for running, a sharpie, a little notebook to sketch when needed, measuring tape, sunblock, sunglasses (my daughter's and mine).




    JH: What are your five favorite things to do in Santa Barbara?

    RG: Padaro Beach every afternoon

    Going to Polo on Sundays ( Santa Barbara Polo club in Carpinteria )

    Riding with kids at the barns.

    Strolling through UPSTAIRS at Pierre Lafond

    Going for a run in the beach




    JH: How does being Argentinean influence your work?

    RG: I think that Argentina has always been very "organic" without even trying.

    Leather, cowhides, pampas , meat is very home.

    I think that I mix a little bit of this with a little bit of my second home  (Santa Barbara ) boho, hippie and indian.....

    i like to blend.


  • Love Rocio Gonzalez's new totes!

    Love Rocio Gonzalez's new totes!
  • Take your otomi outside!



    Having fun at the farmer's market in Santa Monica.

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